Mainfesto 2024

Will India be a free and democratic country, and will the people of India be free from fear, free to live, work, pray, eat, love and marry according to their wishes; be free from poverty, and free to pursue their ambitions? Or will India be governed by a pernicious ideology that will trample upon people’s rights, our institutions, conventions and the healthy differences that are the essence of a multi-cultural country.

Will India be able to lift all our people with the tide of growth, and will it get rid of poverty - or, will India become a country marked by gross inequalities of income, wealth and power?

The last 5 years have been disastrous for the people of India. The youth have lost jobs. Farmers have lost hope. Traders have lost business. Micro, small and medium enterprises have lost their confidence. Women have lost the sense of security. Deprived communities have lost their traditional rights. Institutions have lost independence.

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